The weekly vigil, Saturdays 1 to 3 PM, Route 59 and Middletown Road, Nanuet

April 29, 2006, mass demonstration in New York City against the war. Normally bustling cargo lanes are empty Thursday at the Port of Tacoma as a loaded ship sits at the dock. Some 25,000 longshore workers up and down the West Coast stalled work at 29 ports by taking the day off to protest the war in Iraq. --Tacoma News Tribune 5/2/08

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Public demonstrations of opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq are of critical importance in the effort to end the war and bring the troops home now. Rocklanders have been meeting for this purpose since before the war began. Please join us, if only for a few minutes. Your participation makes a difference.
  • Location: Route 59 and Middletown Road, northwest corner, Nanuet NY
  • Time: Every Saturday 1 to 3 PM

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    More Than Half a Million Dead in Iraq Due to U.S. Invasion

    The most reliable source of casuality figures in Iraq reveals that many hundreds of thousands of people, by now possibly more than a million, have died as a direct result of our country's invasion and occupation of that far-off nation, which never threatened the United States in any way, manner or form. For the details, please visit the public health journal Lancet Website article at Click here for Lancet article



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    The Rockland Coalition for Peace and Justice is an ad-hoc community group comprised of individuals from all walks of life. The Coalition originated in the fall of 2002 on the eve of the invasion of Iraq in order to provide a forum for opposition to the policies of the war makers and a meeting place for like-minded people. The Coalition sponsors regular meetings and has participated in numerous progressive activities throughout Rockland and the Hudson Valley region.

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